Розділ: Полеміка

Premier Viktor Yushchenko told the 24
October "Stolichnye novosti" that there is no "mass Ukrainization of the population" in Ukraine, citing official data on the use of the
Russian language in the country's educational and cultural spheres. Yushchenko said Ukraine has 2,561 general education schools in
which instruction takes place in Russian: those schools are attended by 2.3 million children or 34.1 percent of their total number.
Additionally, 1.8 million schoolchildren (26.6 percent) learn Russian as a subject at Ukrainian-language schools. Some 35 percent of
students at Ukrainian universities and colleges receive instruction in Russian. In Crimea, all higher educational institutions offer
instruction only in Russian; the percentage of Russian-language higher-educational institutions is also high in Ukraine's eastern and
southern regions: Donetsk Oblast (89.3 percent), Luhansk Oblast (85.6 percent), Odesa Oblast (49.8), and Kharkiv Oblast (41.9
percent). Of the some 800 titles in Ukraine's catalogue of periodicals, 50 percent are published in Ukrainian, 25 percent in Russian,
and 25 percent are bilingual. In eastern and southern regions, 30-50 percent of state television and radio broadcasts are in Russian.
According to Yushchenko, in some regions non-state broadcasting companies provide coverage that is 70-90 percent in Russian.
Ukraine also has 30 Russian-language theaters and 36 that stage plays in both Ukrainian and Russian, Yushenko stated. Commenting
on the state policy of promoting the Ukrainian language -- often criticized by Russian circles in Ukraine and some Russian politicians
in Moscow -- Yushchenko said: "One needs to understand our natural desire to pay more attention to the Ukrainian language, insofar
as its use was artificially limited in Ukraine for a long time. ...It is necessary to create incentives for a wider use of the official
language, to make it prestigious."