Розділ: Права людини і громадянина

5 November 2001

The Hon. Vladimir Putin,
President of the Russian Federation
The Kremlin, Moscow

Honourable Mr. President,

A few months ago, we had written to you regarding the violation of the rights of the parishioners of the Bogoiavlenskaia and Sviato-Troitskaia parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate in the city of Noginsk of the Moscow Region. We have not, to date, received a reply to our letter, a copy of which is enclosed. The unresolved problem of the rights of the parishioners in Noginsk continue to be a matter of concern not only for those directly involved, but also of our Commission and of Ukrainians in the West in general.
The Sviato-Troitskaia church has had its electricity and gas supply cut off for the past four years. The parishioners are thus forced to endure unbearable conditions because they have remained faithful to their Church. We are concerned that this is occurring in a country, which professes democracy, rights of minorities and religious tolerance. It is difficult for us to understand why the parishioners in Noginsk are continued to be persecuted, and forced to endure conditions without gas or electricity in their house of worship.

We are hopeful of your assistance in resolving the plight of the parishioners of the Bogoiavlenskaia and Sviato-Troitskaia parishes in Noginsk, as we are also hopeful of receiving a reply to our letter.

Sincerely yours,

Jurij Darewych
Vassili Kolomatski
Chair of the Committee
on the Ukrainian Community in Russia